Amelia – your gentle encouragement helped me step out of my comfort zone.  

Yur positive feedback helped me determine what I had to offer and deliver it with confidence; and your insistence for me to not rest on my laurels helped me to keep going. I am so grateful that we went through this journey together, because I felt so safe and supported, with material that I knew was strong because we developed them in collaboration – and I felt that allowed me to really be free with it on stage and enjoy it. So, thank you for all of that, but most of all, helping me find something that I love.


found something that he truly loved.

Yep. This sh!t actually works.

If you want to uncover your buried artistic treasures, Amelia is your absolutely can’t miss, go-to gal.

Amelia is a superb coach and mentor. She deftly and expertly encourages you to realise your vision, infusing the process with generous doses of good humour and warmth. Amelia supports you to nurture your precious creative seedlings, while remaining practical and goal focused.Throughout the process, Amelia’s patience and insight clears the way for exciting new and creative pathways. 


has crafted her debut show

I would highly recommend Amelia as a mentor, director, writer and all-round professional performer. She truly is a master of her craft.

I engaged Amelia as a mentor for my show, Comfort Food Cabaret. Amelia assisted with concept and script development but her role extended far beyond that. Amelia has the ability to make you feel instantly at ease while sharing her experience, her tips and her incredible wit.
I gained so much from working with Amelia, in particular, confidence in my art form and my own abilities but she really pushed me to look outside the square and extend myself and dig deeper which led to an extremely successful project, that's toured to London, Edinburgh, and Copengahen. 


toured the globe

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