Let's AMPLIFY your vision, your voice, and your LIFE.

                       : (verb) to make larger, greater, or stronger. To enlarge; extend; to clarify by expanding.

To turn up the volume. Tune into your frequency. Raise the vibration. Get soft to go loud and dig deep to rise high. 

This is what AMPLIFIED stands for, commits to, and believes in. 

We get to the heart of your message, magnify your mission, and amplify your vision, voice, and LIFE. 

And you wanna know where it all starts? In your stories. The ones you tell the world and the ones you tell yourself.

And my own magic mission, my 'secret superpower' is to helping you tell them in a way that is 

world shakers, CHANGE MAKERS. 

meaningful, masterful and magnetic.


FUN FACT: A Stanford University study found that in the average one-minute speech, a typical student uses 2.5 statistics. But only one in ten students tell a story. When students were asked to recall the speeches, only 5% remembered any of the statistics. But 63% remembered the story. 

Our stories are what resonate. Our stories keep us connected. Our stories ARE POWERFUL.



Strategy is a fancy word for coming up with a long-term plan and putting it into action. And strategy is KEY. 

Behind every witty, wise and world-shaking story, is the strategy with which to share them. Behind every business are the systems and structures to keep the wheels spinning...really efficiently. It's where passion meets profit, purpose meets productivity, and creativity is cohesive. 

let's break that down...


Your soul is your unique recipe, your personal frequency, and your secret sauce. Your soul is what informs your purpose, vision, and values. Your soul is what starts, fuels, and flames the fire, and it’s the place where the work truly begins.   

Amplified Effect:
Story | Strategy | Soul

You can get to be the writer, editor, and narrator of the stories you tell

And the best part? YOU are the narrator of your story. You get to tell it in a way that feels authentic to YOU. You get to share it without apology. You get to rewrite and reframe the parts that no longer serve you. And if you don’t like the path that the central character is taking (oh hey...that’s you!) you get to refine and reshape it in a way that lights you up. 

So let's share them in a way that is meaningful, masterful, and magnetic. 

Whether it’s on the physical or virtual stage; for a few or for the masses; as a speaker, writer, or singer; helping people tell incredible stories - and live a more liberated life in the process - is my absolute jam.

And I do it using my signature framework; 

Our stories can ignite, entertain, evoke, provoke, inspire, intrigue and enthral. Our stories are the connective tissue that unify humanity - they help us to realise that we’re not alone. Through universal truths we feel connected, and by sharing them (with a healthy dose of laughter) we feel liberated. 

Our stories are essential to who we are and what we do.


create an incredible cabaret show

Amplify my SHOW

Do you feel the call to create your own incredible work as a performing artist? Do you have a show on the go, but are eager for an extra set of eyes?

Or wanting a bit of private personal training, but with less sweat and more song?

We'd love to help.

I've teamed up with my cabaret comrade (and acclaimed artiste) Michale Griffiths,  to offer a number of different workshops, masterclasses and mentorships throughout the year, as well as an high-level mastermind.

Head on over to our website to see what might be the right fit for you.

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You’re ready to amplify your brand and your business as a thought-leader and speaker. 

You want to unleash your voice, and generate maximum visibility for a magnetic impact. 

You want to connect with your audience, by being real, relatable and resonant through your words. 

You want to present at workshops, events, and on podcasts with passion and purpose, and speak with clarity and conviction. 

You’re ready to SPEAK, RISE, and SHINE. 

become a soul stirring speaker

Amplify My STORY

birth your creative business and brand

Amplify my STRATEGY


You have skills and services to share. A PLENTY. You just need 
the structure and strategy to let the world know about them. 

You have a deep desire to show up and serve. You're just not quite sure how to package it all up in a way that's purposeful...and profitable!

You're a creative at heart...you just need a few more simple systems to compliment your wordly wisdom. 

I GET IT. I've been there. And I'm running a FREE challenge to help Creatives birth passion-fulled, profitable businesses into 2022!

amelia, help me to...

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Amplify my LIFE

Good lord, it's been a time huh? Can we all just take a deep a breath?

If you’re anything like me, this year has been quite interesting*. 

Whether your year has or hasn't gone to plan... 
Whether it’s felt like a fresh start or a fresh hell…
Whether your greatest achievement has been writing a bestselling book or watching the entire Downton Abbey series…(twice)...

What I do know is that personally, there have been times of late where I’ve found myself in a bit A FLAP. And I know it’s not just me. We’re all feeling it one way or another, ammirite? 

But let me tell you, this flappy energy is not coming with me into 2022. I’m done with it. Bye Doll. 

And this is why I'm writing an audio book on my top 5 surefure ways to to ditch the flap, dial up the flow and get your sh!t together for 2022 with more perspective, purpose and PLAY. 

Are you with me?


unflap yourself. 

Amelia – your gentle encouragement helped me step out of my comfort zone.  

Yur positive feedback helped me determine what I had to offer and deliver it with confidence; and your insistence for me to not rest on my laurels helped me to keep going. I am so grateful that we went through this journey together, because I felt so safe and supported, with material that I knew was strong because we developed them in collaboration – and I felt that allowed me to really be free with it on stage and enjoy it. So, thank you for all of that, but most of all, helping me find something that I love.


found something that he truly loved.

Yep. This sh!t actually works.

If you want to uncover your buried artistic treasures, Amelia is your absolutely can’t miss, go-to gal.

Amelia is a superb coach and mentor. She deftly and expertly encourages you to realise your vision, infusing the process with generous doses of good humour and warmth. Amelia supports you to nurture your precious creative seedlings, while remaining practical and goal focused.Throughout the process, Amelia’s patience and insight clears the way for exciting new and creative pathways. 


has crafted her debut show

I would highly recommend Amelia as a mentor, director, writer and all-round professional performer. She truly is a master of her craft.

I engaged Amelia as a mentor for my show, Comfort Food Cabaret. Amelia assisted with concept and script development but her role extended far beyond that. Amelia has the ability to make you feel instantly at ease while sharing her experience, her tips and her incredible wit.
I gained so much from working with Amelia, in particular, confidence in my art form and my own abilities but she really pushed me to look outside the square and extend myself and dig deeper which led to an extremely successful project, that's toured to London, Edinburgh, and Copengahen. 


toured the globe

Ready to birth your creative #BizBaby into 2022? 

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That Time I Was A Stripper

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