I’m a Sequin-Wearing Story-Teller, a Witty (and sometimes even wise) Wordsmith, a Soul-Stirring Speaker, an Ever Curious Coach, a Multitasking Mama, a Presenter, Producer...and an all round Alliteration Assassin. 

(Can you tell?)

I’m a small-town girl from Bombo, a tiny town on the South Coast of Australia (look it up, it boasts a sewerage works, a cemetery, and a population of about thirty...#glam). I set my sights on performing on Broadway at a very early age, and - quite literally - did what it took to get there*

*ok so I performed Off-Off-Broadway, but never let minor details get in the way of a good story.

I've spent the past decade traveling the world as a comedienne, sharing my stories - the shitty, shameful, and spectacular ones. It's been a blast, I've learned a HEAP along the way, and I've wholeheartedly lived my dream.

Now, my mission is to empower and educate as many big-hearted humans as possible to share their own incredible message with the world, in a way that is meaningful, masterful and magnetic.


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✨ I’M IN THE BUSINESS OF creativity, coaching, consulting, and self-development...with equal parts sass and soul. 


✨ I’M OBSESSED WITH all things story-telling, human potential, business, creativity, growth, connection, and education. 

✨ I BELIEVE WE CAN find liberation through truth and laughter, and that the world is simply a better place when we celebrate our stories (both the messy and magnificent parts), and share them unapologetically. 

✨ I’M CURIOUS ABOUT how we can maximise our ONE chance at a lifetime and am constantly pursuing - and sharing - ways to learn, lean in and grow. 

✨ I DO THIS THROUGH the shows I perform, the stories I share, my coaching, consulting...and well…#life. 

I'm Amelia. 

My work is dedicated to helping people show up, be seen, and really SHINE. 
(all with a healthy dose of humour and heart)

If you are a coach, creative or consultant, who is looking to;
🔥 Communicate with clarity, confidence & command.
🔥 Connect with your ideal audience
🔥 Captivate through humility, humour and heart
🔥 Present with purpose
 🔥 Magnetise your message for both IMPACT & INCOME.

We offer live workshops, online courses and 1:1 coaching.


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💥As a comedienne, writer, and performer, I know that my job is to make any show, event or conference ALL about my audience. Their experience is paramount. I share both my stories and strategies in a way that uplifts, informs and inspires...warning, you might 'wet your pants with laughter* (Rip It Up UK).

*Sorry not sorry

Let me help you. 

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💥I've spent the past decade writing, producing and touring shows in the cabaret and comedy world. My shows have toured throughout Australia, as well as NYC, London and Edinburgh. To find out more about my work, and where it's playing next, head on over to my production company...


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“Amelia is a performer at the top of her game.”


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 Top Resources

UnFlap Yourself!

A Flap: (according to The Dictionary of Amelia) 


1. being in a tizz, stressy, a hot mess
3. the art of not having one’s sh!t together
4. prone to colossal clusterfuckery 

If this is you (and honestly, these days...who doesn't get a bit flappy), I'm creating a free audio book to help you ditch the flap, dial up the flow and get your sh!t together with more perspective, purpose and PLAY. 


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