I'm launching a
Podcast. And I'd love you to come along for the ride. 

After years of sharing my sassy, silly, and soul-fuelled stories from the stage, I'm now bringing them to your ear phones, along with surefire strategies, inspiring interviews, and my most truthful tips to amplify your vision, your voice, and your LIFE.

Wanna be part of my launch squad? 

amplified with AMELIA RYAN: the podcast

Yes please!

Birthing a brand? Check. 
Producing on point? Check.
Marketing, messaging, and earth-moving missions? Check. 

Everything I know about building, sustaining, and scaling a (thriving) business as an (occasionally clusterfucked) creative? Check. 

Surefire Strategies.

Sassy Stories.

I'm a story-teller, first and foremost...and I'll be bringing the best of them to the pod. Stories that connect us through humour and heart, in our mess and magnificence,
 flawed and fabulous, inspiring and  I tell stories from my life so that my audience feels better about their life. It's been my mission on stage for a decade, and now it's my mission for the podcast. Stories that are both funny and fraught, stories that are shocking and 

what you'll learn here: 

Unconventional Life Advice.

Through sharing my own stories (and believe me, some of them are pretty 'WTF') I'll unpack the mindset minefield that's helped me - and so many of my clients - navigate the messy and magnificent 'life as an artist'. Expect to laugh, think, and maybe even get a dose of 'the feels'.

Learn how on AMPLIFIED: With Amelia Ryan - The Podcast.
Launching January 2022. 

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My superpower is helping people become a masterful narrator - and interpreter - of their stories. The stories they tell about themselves, to themselves, and to the world. 

My Top 10 Tips to Command the Stage with Confidence


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 Top Resources

UnFlap Yourself!

A Flap: (according to The Dictionary of Amelia) 


1. being in a tizz, stressy, a hot mess
3. the art of not having one’s sh!t together
4. prone to colossal clusterfuckery 

If this is you (and honestly, these days...who doesn't get a bit flappy), I'm creating a free audio book to help you ditch the flap, dial up the flow and get your sh!t together with more perspective, purpose and PLAY. 


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